A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game made for the Summer 2018 Awful Jam.  Part 1 is a visual novel where you take a hike through the forest. Part 2 is a side-scrolling game, although not feature-complete.  Part 2 can be played separately, but it's better to start from the beginning. 


Arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move in-game or in the menu.  Space or Return will select menu options.  X and C are used for other in-game functions.  Use ESC to pause the game.

Install instructions

Windows version: Extract all files, then run ForestPath.exe in its folder. 

Mac version: unzip the app and run. You will likely be required to give permission for it to run the first time using the Security & Privacy Panel in System Preferences.


Judge build (Win) 30 MB
Judge Build (Mac) 32 MB
ForestPath_Mac_v0.79.zip 32 MB
ForestPath_Win_v0.79.zip 57 MB

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